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Thiago Chacon training speakers in the preservation and documentation of Kubeo Upper Rio Negro, a borderlands region that joins Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela in the Northwestern Amazon rainforest has about 30 different ethnic groups that speak more than 20 different languages which belong to 4 different language families. Most of these languages are under threat of extinction. Although their languages differ, the indigenous groups all interact with each other in a large network of interrelated cosmologies, social organization, marriages, festivities, rituals, and commerce. Taken together, these people total 65,000 individuals. One of the languages under threat of extinction is Kubeo, spoken by the Kubeo people.
A report on the Fourth International 3L Summer School 2012: Endangered Languages – From Documentation to Revitalisation The 4th 3L International Summer School was held from July 1, 2012 to July 13, 2012. Hosted by LED-TDR (Langues En Danger-Terrain Documentation Revitalisation), DDL and the ICAR CNRS laboratories, the Summer School was housed at the University Lyon2, in the beautiful city of Lyon in southern France. This was the fourth offering of the 3L Summer School, which is produced by a consortium of programs housed at the University of Lyon, the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. 
Endangered Language Activists Bring the World to Kansas FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Endangered Language Activists Bring the World to Kansas LAWRENCE, KANSAS.  "My grandmother chose not to teach me Kickapoo purposefully. She said, 'You don't need to know that' because her hair was washed with kerosene and her mouth was washed out with lye soap for speaking to her sister in our language. She didn't want that to happen to me," wept JoAnne Grandstaff. The Kickapoo language, a Native American language spoken in Kansas, is fighting for its survival, as are many endangered languages worldwide.
2012 Breath of Life Workshops Two Breath of Life workshops will be held at Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Oklahoma and the University of Berkeley campus. The Breath of Life workshops are designed to train participants and equip them with techniques on language documentation and revitalization. Minority language speakers of a Native American Tribe or Nation that no longer have active first-language speakers in their community may participate in the Breath of Life workshops. The workshops are a great opportunity for language learning since a wide variety of topics will be covered. It is also an occasion to meet with other people and learn means to revive and document languages.
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Australia— RNLD Training Workshop
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Transparent Event
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Monday, Jan 23, 2012 - Thursday, Jan 26, 2012
Central Queensland Language Centre, Bundaberg and Woorabinda community
Margaret Florey, RNLD


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BAGUIO CITY—In the age of social media, some of the country's indigenous peoples (IP) still live by their tradition while embracing modernity.
[The author, whose ancestors hailed from Ballia, visits it quite regularly. In this Indian district, lying in the easternmost part of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and bordering western Bihar, he likes breathing Bhojpuri, the culture he imbibed at his native Long Mountain in Mauritius.
Former Assembly of First Nations national chief Shawn Atleo has been named to head B.C.'s first Shqwi qwal for Indigenous Dialogue. The announcement was made by B.C. Premier Christy Clark on Thursday at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, where the new office will be based. Shqwi qwal means speaker in the Hulquminum language, and as its head Atleo will be expected to facilitate dialogue ...
REGINA — What began as a task to create Cree text books for the classroom has taken on a whole new urgency for one author. On Wednesday, Solomon Ratt, associate professor for Cree language at the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv), launched his book Woods Cree Stories — and he couldn’t be happier.
When Racquel Knight was let go from her government job in early 2013 because of sequestration cuts, she did what every other person would do: feverishly applied for jobs.
Mark Zuckerberg whipped up a media frenzy last week. It wasn't quite as big a deal as inventing Facebook. But journalists, bloggers and the Twitterati went gaga after the social network's co-founder conducted a question-and-answer session with students at Beijing's elite Tsinghua University entirely in Mandarin. Kudos to Mr Zuckerberg for reaching a degree of fluency in a tough language. But ...

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The CTLDC fosters networking and collaboration among people and organisations that support training in language documentation and promote the ongoing use of all of the world's languages.

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CTLDC is a concerted global response to ensure that the experience and resources being developed can have a broad and lasting impact in communities across the globe.

Increased international cooperation & regional programs are needed to maximize the effective sharing and use of resources

Many endangered-language communities have the desire to implement language documentation and conservation activities, but have limited access to training and resources

The CTLDC aims to advance training in order to provide members of speech communities, and those that support them, with the skill sets, tools, and expertise to make their efforts maximally effective